Conversion of ECB into Equity

Conversion of ECB, including those which are matured but unpaid, into equity is permitted subject to the following conditions:

📌 i. The activity of the borrowing company is covered under the automatic route for FDI or Government approval is received, wherever applicable, for foreign equity participation as per extant FDI policy.

📌 ii. The conversion, which should be with the lender’s consent and without any additional cost, should not result in contravention of eligibility and breach of applicable sector cap on the foreign equity holding under FDI policy;

📌 iii. Applicable pricing guidelines for shares are complied with;

📌 iv. In case of partial or full conversion of ECB into equity, the reporting to the Reserve Bank will be as under:

For partial conversion, the converted portion is to be reported in Form FC-GPR prescribed for reporting of FDI flows, while monthly reporting to DSIM in Form ECB 2 Return will be with suitable remarks, viz., "ECB partially converted to equity".

For full conversion, the entire portion is to be reported in Form FC-GPR, while reporting to DSIM in Form ECB 2 Return should be done with remarks “ECB fully converted to equity”. Subsequent filing of Form ECB 2 Return is not required.

For conversion of ECB into equity in phases, reporting through Form FC-GPR and Form ECB 2 Return will also be in phases.

📌 v. If the borrower concerned has availed of other credit facilities from the Indian banking system, including foreign branches/subsidiaries of Indian banks, the applicable prudential guidelines issued by the Department of Banking Regulation of Reserve Bank, including guidelines on restructuring are complied with;

📌 vi. Consent of other lenders, if any, to the same borrower is available or atleast information regarding conversions is exchanged with other lenders of the borrower.

📌 vii. For conversion of ECB dues into equity, the exchange rate prevailing on the date of the agreement between the parties concerned for such conversion or any lesser rate can be applied with a mutual agreement with the ECB lender. It may be noted that the fair value of the equity shares to be issued shall be worked out with reference to the date of conversion only.

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